We are so blessed

We awake
We are so blessed
We walk
We are so blessed
The children laugh and play
We are so blessed

Still and lifeless our daughter lays
We are so blessed
Death of our children
We are so blessed
Falsely accused
We are so blessed
Ill stricken
We are so blessed

Comforted in our pain
We are so blessed
Hopeful for the rain
We are so blessed
Prophetic visions
We are so blessed

Enslaved, robbed, murdered
We are so blessed
Guns of angry young men
We are so blessed
Lies, manipulations, greed
We are so blessed

We are so blessed
We are so blessed
We are so blessed

Tell me then the source of these blessings
Tell me now so I may know
Unyielding, without favor
Visited upon the strong and the weak
Given to none and all
We are so blessed


the night crept into my day

as sure as angels sport their wings

his blanket walked into my dreams

tenderly he choked me

and with ease.

only slightly off from wear

pastels and white.

this darkness

what audacity even in the name

to lure

to possess

all the innocence in me.

the flicker that remains


Baby Boy

Baby boy,

Tutu-ma needs you to come on over here.

There’s sumthin burnin in ma heart I need you to hear.

That death angel got a grip on you

an there’s only so much your Pa can do.

Mama knows there’s a light in you,

it can’t get out cause your daddy

the things in him bad true.

Tu knows your passion is strong

but baby boy, what you gonna do?

The Man said he’d take you

strip you down and come again make you.

Be better than your daddy was, more like your Pa

Ah baby boy, you gotta be strong to hear dis song.

and believe what I done saw.

It’s your time, it’s your rhyme

your beat to cheat them death wings

you baby boy, you gotta rise out from da’ grip

thems got your head in this trip…

and listen’your TuTu-ma

or dem wings gonna drag you on out of here I saw.

Ain’t no telling when they comin’

What you gonna do, Baby boy?


Just yesterday

between my prayer circle

and my circle of prayers

I sat on a fallen tree.

Such precision its placement.

Mother tree stood nearby.

“Look here child,

between petition and practice

what a cutting divide.

Do you see?

Connect your walk and song.

Believe in the hawk’s flight and the raven’s caw…

the ocean in these pines.

This is your sanctuary.

before sleep

Between the hot and cold of things, simmer
Snow devils dance around, drift
This station watching
Impervious to expectation
Fighting impulse to influence
Judging the sharp edge
Desirous of all
Hearing the rise and fall of my beloved
I rest

In between


Now it is to the point
angels come in ball caps and backpacks
he said, “someone told me twice today
I should talk to you.”

I remembered this is how it happens
as genetic memory rang a little bell
hanging from a wispy branch off my DNA.

“Yeah,  I do a lot of research about hieroglyphics…
and I think I am supposed to tell you what I have discovered.”

…you found it…
the gateway, that is.”

Oh wow, this guy just met me.

My focus turned to steel.
“The in between place is the way in.”
and of course I knew this.
This is the gateway I’ve used since first I found it…
or it found me.

…so basically they sent you to tell me I’m not crazy?

Then he was gone.



and then suddenly a dangerous woman
slipped in through my cracked window

poised, she sat at my table
march winds moving through her
while she sits perfectly still

no stand of pines
no mountain pass
no wall of flames
or closed door can stop her

she moves untamed

this force of grace
inviting blades of grass and flower buds
moves me

she strikes the space I’m in
to confront my fears
venomous as it seems
I need her

hers is a royal entrance
the resurrection of ancient souls
hidden too long in their dreams

as she dances her dress flows
like the murmuration of starlings
her hair is the same
all the while the pines lose their winter needles

I in my space
open the window wider
to bring my summer home