In my holy place

between breaths

she comes.

Her key is true.

Others tried failed

decoys they found.

She drives me.

I coil around her heat

inside essence

placed on strings.

Her melody sings.

Haunting glances of other secrets

too deep to tell

too deep to tell.

Summoned now

between the veils.


if I had but one chance

how sad to have just begun

life should tell you

chances are many

growing is forever

but humans ponder lesser things

they innately are

priests intercede to fill cracks

with old wine

ponder then again

how brilliant is life

how forgiving, charitable

to think we had only one chance




This Day

Gracious giving,

when memories tell a tale

woeful and mournful.

Grace prevails, giving right where right resides.

No matter.

Giving thanks in the telling…

In the telling all

let us heal

and partake in the truth’s felling

to grow anew.



These swirling waters

Source unknown

Stirring with forces

Subtle and sure

contemplations of creation

Springing out of wells…

This chalice contains Elixirs of alchemy


Save the mind fire of center earth.

What is this chaos?

Pierced by creamy white dreams

Swirling out of mist…

She takes me

Holds me in her arms

Only to awaken

In the heat of my desire

Left wanting.


What then is this exstasis?

Divine bliss bringing nothing more unto itself

Than itself.

Complete Being.

The mortal coil beckons flesh

To be the bearer of fulfillment.

It is not, and yet we try.

Tho we plead

The answer remains ephemeral.

Does the vessel define the experience?

No, such exalted states are reserved

For those who’s hearts

Are Divine’s alone…

Who want for nothing more.

Where then is the Divine?

The residence I should look?

The yearning, find her here.

The threshold of longing, she awaits.

The lapping wave of desire… she looks at you…

And fulfillment complete



This Meandering

Should you wander too far into my heart
It is easy to find your way back.

Look for the dark spot
On the other side of the door
From whence you entered.

The world abides there.

The cars go rushing by
the haze.
Artificial eyes watch out
For your mistakes.

Blame lurks in the alleys
Where self righteous mud lays under reflective puddles.

The air, riddled with 5G bugs
Itching your nerves
Urging noonday cocktails

Which brings you back to me.

This sweet relief
The key in your pocket
Warms upon entrance.

This expanse
How deep the ocean
Beyond orgasmic delight.

How much can I bear?
Please don’t speak just now.
Just be.

Your hand.

Place it to your heart
now listen.

There in you
I am.

…and tho I wish to stop
I can not.
This meandering.


We are so blessed

We awake
We are so blessed
We walk
We are so blessed
The children laugh and play
We are so blessed

Still and lifeless our daughter lays
We are so blessed
Death of our children
We are so blessed
Falsely accused
We are so blessed
Ill stricken
We are so blessed

Comforted in our pain
We are so blessed
Hopeful for the rain
We are so blessed
Prophetic visions
We are so blessed

Enslaved, robbed, murdered
We are so blessed
Guns of angry young men
We are so blessed
Lies, manipulations, greed
We are so blessed

We are so blessed
We are so blessed
We are so blessed

Tell me then the source of these blessings
Tell me now so I may know
Unyielding, without favor
Visited upon the strong and the weak
Given to none and all
We are so blessed


the night crept into my day

as sure as angels sport their wings

his blanket walked into my dreams

tenderly he choked me

and with ease.

only slightly off from wear

pastels and white.

this darkness

what audacity even in the name

to lure

to possess

all the innocence in me.

the flicker that remains